Le Clos de la Garenne
Guest House - B&B - Holiday home & apartment
Charentes - French Atlantic coast

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Guest House sitting room

Reading, playing, listening, discovering, sharing...

Books, games, music, collections...

Just sit down and relax!

This 43 m² large sitting room dates from the 18th century. Elegant and peaceful, the room has been keeping its original character providing charm and authenticity. Four big door and windows overviewing the gardens bring light in the whole lounge. Herringbone oak parquet flooring gives warmth and comfort. The white marble Louis XV fireplace and its gorgeous Directoire pier glass are surrounded by elegant display cabinets integrated in the wall showing family collections. One door leads to the dining room while the other door leads to the common room.

Usually, British people find the decoration "very French": antics, travel souvenirs, family furniture, books and collections are available in this room where you will enjoy reading, listening to music, playing games or chatting. You can also learn about birds and use bird watching equipment since the property is a birds' sanctuary. And why not forgetting all about electronic games and rediscovering wood games and traditional ones?